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Government Secondary School, Afikpo School in

In the locality of Afikpo, within the territory of Ebonyi, Nigeria, Government Secondary School, Afikpo, is an esteemed educational institution. This school has earned a remarkable community rating of 4.8 out of 5, reflecting its dedication to providing quality education. While its schedule is not specified, the school is situated at WW4P+5X5, Afikpo 490103, Ebonyi, Nigeria. Unfortunately, information regarding its website, phone number, and email address is not available. Despite the lack of contact details, Government Secondary School, Afikpo, remains a prominent institution in the community, committed to nurturing the intellectual growth of its students.

Address: WW4P+5X5, Afikpo 490103, Ebonyi, Nigeria, , Nigeria
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Address of Government Secondary School, Afikpo

WW4P+5X5, Afikpo 490103, Ebonyi, Nigeria

Address: WW4P+5X5, Afikpo 490103, Ebonyi, Nigeria, Nigeria,
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